We are Jovana&Miloš from Belgrade, two friends with the same topics in conversations during long years of hanging out together, turning one of them into a hobby and, in the end, into this pro video production with the eternal goal to end up in Hollywood. No, just kidding, but to keep up with learning, experimenting with new stories, pieces of equipment, and to make our parents&kids proud!


In. Fb.

Asics Frontrunners Serbia


When you think of Asics, what is your first thought? For us are the FrontRunners. Maybe you wonder why…

First of all, simply because we support running culture in our country, and second of all, when we have the chance to create new visuals for brands we work with, we tend to use it wisely. Working with the biggest running website in the Southeastern Europe trcanje.rs, the opportunity came itself. It was magical morning in Belgrade with the first snow and was a perfect match with the stony background to shoot their fearless energy and love for what they do – running.

Asics FrontRunners are the crew the brand gathered around the sport of running. They are not professionals, but they run like they are because of their devotion and passion for this activity. They are the inspiration for all the runners out there who want company on a track and are ready to truly represent the Asics idea behind it – #IMOVEME.

Here’s what they say about themselves: “Our team is made up of a very diverse group of people and that’s something we just love about it. Young or old, thick or thin, professional or beginner, writer or photographer, coach or student, creative mind or statistic genius, urban runner or trail runner, fitness explorer or endurance sports expert. All of them are incredibly proud to be part of the ASICS FrontRunner team and it’s the combination of these attributes that makes the community strong, unbeatable and unique”.

We had a pleasure to start building this story together with them.